Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Travel Bucket List

The Alhambra, Spain -
Thank you to Loreena McKennitt for intoducing me to its existance. I had never heard of it until I bought her album of the concert she did there. I googled the word, and the rest is history. I have looked up countless pictures on the internet, read up on its history on Wikipedia, and I am addicted - I know I have to see it someday. I will go alone if I have to, but I will see it. It's the Muslim/Christian archetecture that fascinates me, I think. And hey, while I'm in Spain, I'll take a jaunt north to the Basque region.

The Grand Canyon, U.S.A. -
It's pretty pathetic that I live in Utah and have never been to the Grand Canyon. It's on my bucket list more because I feel like I should than because I really want to. I'm sure it's quite the spectacle, and I don't doubt that it would be worth my time, but there are other destinations that I am far more interested in.

The British Isles -
Charles Dickens, Harry Potter, Stonehenge, the Blarney Stone... I can't begin to list all the things tha fascinate and excite me about Britain and Ireland. I want to celebrate Christmas in true Dickens style, I want to ride a bicycle down an Irish country road, past stone walls and sheep herders, I want to see the home of Shakespeare, and thanks to Gilbert and Sullivan, I want to see Wales (I'm learning Welsh), I want to see Edinburgh Castle, I even want to see Penzance. Some days it seems there is more culture, more history, more excitement, more mystery packed into these two islands than into the whole of the United States. Plus my husband is 10 times more interested than I am, so I know I won't have to twist his arm to get him to go with me.

Greece - Ever since the first time I picked up a book on Greek Mythology, I have wanted to see its birthplace. Something about the crumbling walls of an ancient city captures my imagination, not to menion the whitewashed walls of cities that climb the hillside, and the vivid blue of the Mediterranean sea. There is a risk I run in visiting Greece, though - never wanting to return.

Places I've already been that I have to go back to:

New York City
Portland, Oregon
Chicago (Go Cubs!!)
San Francisco (CA)
San Diego (CA)
Santa Monica (CA)

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