Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Confessions About Me, Part 1

1- Bad grammar drives me crazy. The worst one is "I seen" when it should be "I saw." I work with someone who is guilty of this on a daily basis, and I bite my lip every time because it would do no good to speak my mind.

2- I am a food addict. I love to eat, which is apparent by my figure. Sweets are the worst, especially ice cream. I've been known to eat half a container of mint chocolate chip without realizing what I'm doing.

3- I pretend to not care what people think of me, but I really do. I hate thinking that people might not like me, and then trying to figure out why. I'm incredibly insecure.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why I Don't Like Most Women

Ahh, women. Being one, you'd think I would understand them a little better than I do. The truth is that most women are as mysterious to me as they are to men.

Women complan frequently, for one thing. I hate listening to it. I accept that it happens, but I do not accept that it must be a part of daily life.

Women are clique-ish, no matter what their age. I'll admit I'm different, but I may as well have the bubonic plague for how hard I find it to make friends with a group of women.

Women are unreasonably and unfairly judgemental. I have been the victim of this throughout my life. I try not to be this way myself, believe me, but biology still finds a way.

Women scrapbook. A minor thing, I know, but I just don't get why you can't just put photos in a album and caption them with the date, who's in it, and a brief explanation. Being an LDS woman in Utah, I'm sure it's worse here, in this community and culture.

Women are high-maintenance. More so than men, anyway. I'll never understand why hair coloring and manicures and 10 colors of shoes are so important to some women. I don't color my hair, I've had 2 manicures in my entire life, and my shoes are either black or white. I use one purse at a time, which must be cross-body style. 

Women watch movies that make me gag. It's not like I don't enjoy the ocassional romantic comedy, but I also enjoy James Bond and Monty Python. I actually am proud of not falling into the Twilight trend. Very proud, in fact.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Thoughts On The Effects of Materialism

Materialism is one of the things that will eventually destroy the world. People think that more stuff equals more happiness, and as this continues, people will get further and further into debt trying to find what they've been told is "happiness." No one ever seems to stop and examine the big picture: are they happier with all this excess stuff?

Not that I'm pointing fingers an individual people. It's in the marketing. Materialism starts with the companies who make you feel like you have to have more stuff. Nicer cars, trendy clothes, a quesadilla maker or a 52-inch television... are these things really necessary for a happy life? Nah.

Imagine for a moment living a less materialistic life. Buying store brands, and only of things you actually need. Acomplishing tasks through your own creativity and effort, rather than having some gadget do most of the work for you. Borrowing books from the library instead of buying them. Entertaining yourself without television, mp3 players, mobile phones, or the internet. To me, it sounds like a more satisfying way to live. We've all become addicted to instant gratification, but it's a temporary thing.

I will freely admit that I am guilty of materialism. I am writing this blog post from my android phone, and I have a store-bought paperback novel in my purse. I keep thinking about it, though, and I find myself taking small steps toward being less materialistic. I like to think of the process as trying to achieve a zen-like state with my posessions. Next step: going through my closet.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weight Loss, Part 1 - No Excuses

Here's the basics-

I am a 31 year old woman, 5' 4" tall, and I weigh 204 pounds.

I have a few excuses for being overweight, but not good ones. I have 2 kids, the 2nd is 8 months old and was delivered by ceasarian. I have knee and ankle problems, mostly stemming from the 7 years I spent doing community and high school musical theater. I am extremely well-endowed in the chest region, limiting my choices for cardio exercise. I'm also on hormonal birth-control, which causes, among other things, a bigger than normal appetite.

All that said, I still have no good excuse for being overweight. Well, technically, probably obese. I've half-heartedly trying to diet for a long time, and I have of course made very little progress.

That's why I'll be including my weight-loss adventures in my blog. I will be accountable to anyone who might read my blog. I find that to be good motivation, personally.

My ultimate goal is 140#. My first intermediate goal is 200#, and I intend to reach it by Wednesday, April 20.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Traveler Vs. Tourist

I've spent some time lately thinking about this topic, and. I am relieved to find that I am more traveler than tourist. I don't like the idea of being herded around like sheep, being given a schedule I have to stick to. I love the idea of going on a road trip where there is no set destination or route. For someone who is easily distracted, this sounds like heaven.

Unfortunately, I can't afford to travel like I want to. Any money I save for this purpose ultimately ends up going toward something else. (With husband, 2 kids, dog, mortgage, car, etc, I suppose it's bound to happen, huh?) I would love to be one of those people who can travel with virtually no money, but I'm not. I'm just high maintenance enough that I need a hot shower every day, and a reliable meal 3 times a day.

I still can't help obsessing about it. I had a little spending money and spent it on travel size toiletries. I make packing lists constantly, often for hypothetical trips. I peruse travel memoirs, travel blogs, and atlases with gusto. Yup, I'm obsessed.

Next trip? Sadly it's merely a family reunion for my mother-in-law's family. Boring. Still, it's something.