Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weight Loss, Part 1 - No Excuses

Here's the basics-

I am a 31 year old woman, 5' 4" tall, and I weigh 204 pounds.

I have a few excuses for being overweight, but not good ones. I have 2 kids, the 2nd is 8 months old and was delivered by ceasarian. I have knee and ankle problems, mostly stemming from the 7 years I spent doing community and high school musical theater. I am extremely well-endowed in the chest region, limiting my choices for cardio exercise. I'm also on hormonal birth-control, which causes, among other things, a bigger than normal appetite.

All that said, I still have no good excuse for being overweight. Well, technically, probably obese. I've half-heartedly trying to diet for a long time, and I have of course made very little progress.

That's why I'll be including my weight-loss adventures in my blog. I will be accountable to anyone who might read my blog. I find that to be good motivation, personally.

My ultimate goal is 140#. My first intermediate goal is 200#, and I intend to reach it by Wednesday, April 20.

Wish me luck!

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