Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Judgemental Rant

Hey, I'm human, I judge others. I just usually keep it to myself. Today, not so much. Some things just really irritate me. Here's my list:

** Women who think they should be able to walk around in low-cut, super short, skin-tight clothes without getting gawked at. If you choose to put it on display, you are inviting people to look.

** People who insist that all Muslims are terrorists. Give me a break. Are all blacks criminals? Are all hispanics drug dealers? It's the same thing.

** Liberals who believe in free speech,  but only when what's being said aligns with their views.

** Any parent who doesn't teach their child basic manners.

** Any parent who gives their child a name that is impossible to spell and/or pronounce.

** Any person who thinks the world should revolve around them. (There are far too many of them these days.)

** Anyone with bad cell phone habits... i.e. not ending a call before going through a drive-through window or a check-out line, texting while driving or walking, not turning your phone off during a performance of any kind, not using headphones in a public setting (bus, store, break room). Seriously, people, there's more to life than your phone.

** People who get "facts" about a person or group of people from anywhere other than that person or group of people.

** People who believe every rumor they hear. Especially the internet rumors.

** People who assume that their way of doing things is the only way. This especially applies to moms. Moms are the worst at this.

** People who assume they know something about me without actually trying to get to know me.

** People who refuse to believe a disease or medical condition exists and insist that the person in question is just being lazy, or is complaining too much, or just wants attention, or should be able to "snap out of it."

Coming soon, a list of things I'm grateful for.

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