Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pregnant, 36 Weeks 4 Days

Yeah, it's official:

I am ready to be done with being pregnant.

I am so uncomfortable most of the time. I miss being able to walk without hip and back pain, at a normal speed, without looking and feeling like a walrus. I miss getting a good night's sleep. I miss having any measurable amount of energy.

The number one thing I am looking forward to, however, is getting rid of this excess weight. Yes, it's for a good reason, and I wouldn't say I've gained an  excessive amount of weight. (24 pounds isn't that bad). The thing is, I now weigh more than I ever have before, and it is really hard on my body.

Of course, this pregnancy has been different from all previous ones in many ways. The morning sickness bad enough to require Zofran, the kidney stones incident, the depression, the contractions...

Oh, the contractions. Real ones, but without consistency or increase in  intensity. Sure, there's a pattern - at night, for 2 - 3 hours, they're every 20 - 30 minutes. I've never experienced real contractions before. I had a planned induction with kid #1, and had to be induced with kid #2 because my water broke, but I wasn't otherwise in labor. Hence, my only experience is with Pitocin contractions... and only as long as it took to get the epidural. This is definitely different.

Anyway, I'm rambling.

One positive thing I've gained from this pregnancy is in letting go of pride to ask for help. After my request on Facebook, I've recieved many offers of help. My lovely friend Shauna, my brother Curtis, his wife Heather, and of course my mom, have all contributed to my house being cleaner. I also recieved a meal after my hospital stay for kidney stones, and recently, a little treat... thanks, ladies! I am so grateful to them for their help, and to the many other people who have offered.

As of today, 24 days until my due date! I'm still hoping for baby to decide to come in that magic, most convenient window of June 15 - 21. However, this baby has already been my difficult child, so nothing would surprise me at this point.

Next up, the answer to the burning question: boy or girl? Malcolm or Felicia?

Stay tuned!

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